Profitability Measurement – Consumer and Captive Bank

Design of a new custom-built solution to measure and report profitability of retail and corporate loans:

  • determining required input data, parameters and interfaces,
  • design of calculation logic in general and required calculations for components and line items of profitability schemes,
  • definition of reports and output data

Accounting Rules – Federal State Bank

  • Analysis of accounting functionality of packaged corporate loan software,
  • gathering of customer requirements for future accounting in corporate area,
  • mapping of software’s chart of accounts to client’s,
  • definition of accounting rules,
  • documentation and parametrisation of software in test environment

Post-Merger-Integration Finance - Universal Bank

  • Analysis of source systems,
  • definition of migration rules for data in the accounting,
  • financial controlling and regulatory reporting area,
  • set-up of procedures and processes to assure completeness and quality of data migration,
  • design of output files and reports to document successful post-merger integration