This is me.

This is me with two tools I work a lot with, but in my job that is not what counts. It is about personality, skills and experience. Read my story on this page and get a first look behind the scenes. In case you are the more analytical type, download my resume.


I started my career in the aviation industry when I was 19 years old. With only 23, I was responsible for the financial controlling of Lufthansa’s cargo offices in Central and South Eastern Europe.  I was young, highly impatient and routine bored me. I needed further challenges. Reducing work to a 50% allowed for my studies of International Business Administration at the University of Vienna. As my budget was limited, I forced myself to three fully packed academic years. I specialized in Corporate Finance and Computer Science.

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Skills & Expertise

Personal skills Functional expertise
  • A strong desire to produce good work
  • Focused on goals and driving things that matter
  • Continuously looking for challenges and small adventures
  • A strong will to improve things
  • A tendency to be picky
  • Funny, passionate, expressive, empathetic
  • Nomad genes
  • Financial controlling
  • Accounting
  • Management and Regulatory Reporting
  • Risk Management


I am maintaining an active lifestyle now which for me is a great way to have fun, to stay balanced, to have quality time with friends and to make new ones. I added a lot of jogging and biking to my weekly routine.I biked from Berlin to Malmö, from Amman to Aqaba and through Scotland. I managed to finish the famous Vätternrundan, some half marathons and my first full marathon. During all of those adventures and in their preparation, I had moments where I thought I could not do it. But I did…and it will be a lifetime of knowing I have done it


My niece and I, we are a powerful team. Although living nearly 500kms away, family is very important to me. I grew up in a small village in Austria, close to the Hungarian border, the former Iron Curtain, and Lake Neusiedl. My family and some of my friends still live there. My Mum belongs to the so-called Burgenland Croats, a minority that speaks a distinct version of the Croat language but is also fluent in German.

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Wherever I go, I always have a camera with me. I love photography since I have seen an exhibition showing Edward Steichen’s work a decade ago. That’s why all the photos (except portraits) you find on my website are self-made.


Indeed, my life changed during the last years. Although it has been dominated by work for a long time, there has always been one big passion I followed: travelling. Since I won a 4-week-journey to England when I was 15, I am travelling as much as I can afford. I travel to visit sights and take photos, but also to hike, to run, to bike or to relax. I love Europe, its history and nature. Furthermore, I appreciate the short flight times it takes me to get to the destinations. Besides Europe, I am impressed by Japan, Canada, the Middle East and the Caribbean. However, my list of places to go is still full…and gets even longer.